Our programme:

Concerts with a large cast and with an orchestra are currently not possible. So we sing a cappella or with the piano. We rehearse secular music by Johannes Brahms: Die Liebeslieder-Waltz op. 52, Gypsy songs op. 103 and other wonderful chants by this outstanding composer. As further goals are Dvořák’s D major Mass and Bach’s Christmas Oratorio on our agenda.

So that you can

hear us despite all the restrictions, you will find our latest concert on the net: MessiaSASAmbura, an intercultural oratorio after Handel’s “Messiah”. Composition: Maximilian Guth.

You will hear the KulturKirchenProjektChor, the Bremen Kantorei St. Stephani and the Ensemble Asambura. The conductor is Tim Günther.  

Link: MessiaSASAmbura

We don’t know

when we can sing together again. Until then, we need to be patient. There will be a real reboot in many things. We would like to contribute to this and invite you now – as an audience and as members. If you like to join us, please feel free to contact us. Do you experience in reading music and singing in a choir? Here we go.

Choir excursion Chartres