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Circle of Friends

Apart from the artists themselves music needs a lot of friends. Long since, concert business can’t be financed by budget funds and entrance fees only. Since November 2000 a sponsers` association has supported the ambitious work of the Bremer Kantorei St. Stephani with the purpose of extending the concert programme sharpening the quality profile and setting a course.

Performers, listeners and music lovers are members equally. They are all united by the aim of safeguarding the acclaimed work for sacred music at St.Stephani which has grown over decades. Considerable contributions of the choir fund enabled plenty of performances on a high level of quality.

We warmly invite you to become a member of the choir fund. Make an important contribution to one of the oldest choirs of the Hanseatic City of Bremen. Your commitment will help the Bremer Kantorei St. Stephani to further on practise sacred music on a high standard and to establish continuous success in the future. Theexecutive committee of the choir fund works honorarily: each donation – be it a single or a regular one – is of exclusive and complete benefit to the the musical work.

The choir fund is accepted as a non-profit organization. By request you will receive a confirmation of your donations for tax reduction.

Ulrike Brunken

First chairwoman of the Circle of friends
Tel +49 421 74 315    E-Mail


Account details

IBAN: DE14 2905 0101 0081 3858 90
The work of the support group is recognized as non-profit. Tax-deductible donation receipts can be issued on request.