Our program

In may 2020, we would have liked to perform Ludwig van Beethoven’s Missa in C-major – on the occasion of his 250 th birthday – and furthermore the Magnificat in C-major by Franz Schubert.

It is not sure if we can re-establish this programme, we will keep an eye on it.

We now restart with 2 programmes: Johannes Brahms – Liebesliederwalzer (op.52), „Zigeunerlieder“ (op.103) for choir and piano, completed by some of „Ungarische Tänze“ for four-handed piano. Additionally we will perform the ‘Weihnachtsoratorium’ by Johann Sebastian Bach. Originally all parts (1-6) were on our agenda, but the currant situation suggests a more ‘relaxed’ programme, therefore we will perform parts 1-3.

Furthermore we will take up the musical accompaniments of services (in the ‘Kulturkirche St.Stephani, every 3rd Sunday of the month at 6:00 pm).

Our next concerts:

Sunday, October 10th, 5h an 7:30h p.m.:

Johannes Brahms – „Zigeunerlieder“, „Liebeslieder-Walzer“, „Ungarische Tänze“


Sunday, November 28th, 5h an 7:30h p.m.:

Johann Sebastian Bach – Weihnachtsoratorium (1-3).

Further information you can get on www.kulturkirche-bremen.de