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Board/ Speaker

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Board / Speaker

The society committee of the “Bremer Kantorei St. Stephani”  supports the work of the Directeor of Music of the “Kulturkirche”. It also helps organize concert tours and choir holidays, on behalf of the choir it furthermore seeks the dialogue with the artists of the “Kulturkirche” and is in charge of this website.


The society committee consists of seven members: born members are the full-time musician Tim Günther and the chairwoman of the choir fund, Ulrike Brunken. Five further members are elected for four years each. At present these are Ulrich Brüggemann (bass), Johanna Diestelmeier (alto), Dagmar Scheland-Knop, (sopranp), Christian Stipeldey (bass) and Gabriele Wilkens (alto).


Furthermore the spokespersons of the voices assist the director in his work. They are the first contact for the singers concerning lots of organizational questions and help new members to settle in.


At present the spokespersons are: Brigitte Borchers (soprano), Saskia Rieling (alto), Thorsten Körner (tenor) and Matthias Anton (bass).